Ministry of Water Supply & Sanitation
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National WaSH Data Collection Status

Water Supply System


Population Coverage


Household Coverage


Municipality Coverage




Monthly Data Collection - WaSH

  Household Sanitation


  Health Care


  Community Sanitation


Unserved Community

Proposed: 7628

Ongoing: 4496


Public Toilet

Proposed: 2174

Existing: 1533




Monthly Inventory Data Collection (Tap)
Tap Flow Condition

Water Flow Condition Population Percentage
Sufficient for all daily needs 2637271 42.6%
Sufficient for drinking,cooking,washing 1993937 32.2%
Sufficient for drinking 907884 14.7%
Water but not sufficient for drinking 261463 4.2%
No water at all 316839 5.1%
No Data 76897 1.2%
Total 6194291 100%

Municipality Level Progress Status

Data Collection
Wash Plan
  Agency Mobilized
  Not Started

Water Quality

Sample Collection


Water Quality Tested

Sample Points